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Closing my FIRST DEAL!

I remember the feeling I had when I passed my last real estate exam. It was pure excitement followed immediately by doubt & fear. Who is going to hire me to represent them as their Realtor?

How age and (in)experience does not always limit your chances!

Apart from some pre-construction condo sales from the year prior, I was new to real estate and working in the Barrie and Surrounding markets. I remember sitting in the office, signing the paperwork with RE/MAX Hallmark Chay becoming a registered agent within their company. I had no clients I was working with, no leads & no real potential of landing any contracts. To say I was a little nervous was an understatement!

As I was just starting out in this profession, I had a feeling that I may lose out on getting clients because of my young age and inexperience. I didn't have the years of experience behind my name, supporting me as a professional. With such a large asset, not everyone feels comfortable taking a chance on the "new kid". And I was right, I did lose out on some clients due to lack of experience (and I still do on occasion) However, not everyone thinks like that.... thankfully!

Closing My First Deal

It was February, only a month after I started working with my partner/mother Jody Davis, when I was holding an open house for one of her sellers. A young couple walked in and we started chatting. This particular house was not right for them, but there was another in the area that they wanted to check out. I told them that I would set up an appointment for us to go see the home right after my open house finished. They had come from out of town so were thrilled that I would be so prompt to show them around. That day started our working relationship and a few months later they got the keys to their new home! Just as they were excited about their new home, I was ecstatic that I had just closed my first deal. I was thankful that they had trusted me with such a large purchase.

More than just experience

Sometimes (many times) it just takes hard work and determination. Keep pursuing and keep giving your all. Learn all that you can and never get too comfortable in where you are at. My clients know that I will work extremely hard for them, giving my very highest & best in every circumstance. TEAMDAVIS adds Professionalism & Personalism in every encounter.

If you have any questions regarding real estate, I'd be happy to chat.

~Cassidy Davis~

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