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Make $30,000/Yearly Through Home Ownership

What if I told you that you could make $30,000 a year through real estate? Would you be interested? Would you say that I am out to lunch? Or would you keep reading to find out how?

Ps. Be prepared that this will be more number heavy than a normal blog. I will try and do my best to keep it as simple as I can!

Making money through Real Estate

There is a way to make money through home ownership. I mean a lot of money! I will be using statistics and real numbers from the Barrie area but if you would like to know what the stats are in your community send me an email at: and I will send you real numbers so you can know how much you can make through owning in your community!

These are real numbers through the Barrie board. We will be looking at one year and five year returns.

Median Sale Price in Barrie ON:

  • May 2019 : $480,000

  • May 2020 : $513,000

$33,000 increase in Sale Price over 1 Year ( ~ 6.88% increase)

  • May 2015 : $345,000

  • May 2020 : $513,000

$168,000 increase in Sale Price over 5 years (~ 48.70 % increase)

Looking at a real example: If today you bought a home in Barrie for $500,000, according to statistics from history, in 5 years your home could be worth $740,000! That is a lot of money in appreciated asset in five years!

Disclosure : I am not saying this is guaranteed, I cannot predict fluctuations in the market and there is always some level of risk involved in investing. I am, however, outlining what the potential could be. It is up to you on how you will invest your money.

I am hoping that through these blogs, you are starting to learn more about real estate and the potential that it has to make you money. If you would like to start receiving periodic updates on the market or good investment properties that become available in your area email me today and I will add you to the list. Don't worry, you will not receive spam everyday from me but when special gems become available, you will be the first to know about it!

If you would like market updates email with the following: First & Last name and write Market Updates.

If you would like Potential investment properties sent to you as they become available email with the following: First & Last Name and write Investment Properties

If you would like both: write both Market Updates and Investment Properties.

~ Cassidy Davis ~

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